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On March 15, 2020, Bach Collegium Japan performed J.S. Bach “St John Passion” from the empty Köln Philharmonie to the world. Instead of the abruptly discontinued tour, we created a new recording project at Cologne and made a session recording of the passion. We are aiming to release this CD (SACD hybrid) in September 2020 from the BIS label, Sweden. However, due to the COVID-19 related cancellations and postponement of concerts, our economic stability is severely damaged. To realize the release of “St John Passion (new recording)” recorded under such a miraculous situation and to support the continuation of our musical activity, your support is inevitable.

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Until September 1, 2020.

If you donate more than 50,000 JPY by May 27, 2020, your name will be printed in the CD booklet unless you would like anonymous.

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BankSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
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2. MUFG Bank, LTD.

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American Friends of BCJ (501(c)(3) organization)

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Bach Collegium Japan European Tour Support

NB: Please inform us if you would like to make a donation anonymously.

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《ミサ曲 ロ短調》公演 放映情報

サントリー音楽賞受賞記念コンサートのBCJ《ロ短調ミサ》公演にご来場の皆様、ありがとうございました。昨夜のサントリーホールでの公演の模様は8月23日のNHK Eテレ「クラシック音楽館」で放映されます。是非ご覧ください。