MASATO SUZUKI joins HARRISONPARROTT for General Management

Masato Suzuki is happy to announce that he will join HarrisonParrott for General Management. Conductor, harpsichordist, organist and composer, Masato is Principle Conductor of the Bach Collegium Japan and Executive Producer of Chofu Music Festival, Associate Conductor and Creative Partner of Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra and Music Director of Ensemble Genesis.

Masato regularly conducts the most important orchestras in Japan including NHK Symphony Orchestra Tokyo, Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, and Ensemble Kanazawa. His international engagements include Singapore Symphony Orchestra and the Academy of Ancient Music, amongst others.

He has enjoyed 3 years of fruitful partnership and professional growth with Hazard Chase with James Brown and Roderick Thomson.

Masato Suzuki comments: “I’m deeply grateful for the fruitful years with Roderick Thomson and Hazard Chase. Jasper has been a good friend and advisor to me for many years, and I am confident that this is the right moment to start working together. With this new collaboration, I hope to expand my musical activity into a more creative and dynamic level. Even under the most challenging times for the whole music industry, I remain positive about the future and am actively working to find new scope to communicate with music online

Jasper Parrott comments “It is an honour and privilege to start on this new adventure with Masaaki and Masato Suzuki and the outstanding Bach Collegium Japan, a great musical treasure which I have admired so very much over many years and almost countless trips to Japan. We are glad to be able to give continuity to the devoted and successful work of Roderick Thompson and James Brown and we look forward to our future together with faith, hope and much excitement.”

Please direct all enquiries to Jasper Parrott and Federico Hernandez.

Setting up their own agency in 1969, Jasper Parrott and Terry Harrison pioneered a new approach to management – one that was intensively pro-active, international, and centered around the needs and aspirations of the artists. Today, that restless and challenging spirit is as strong as ever, shared across one of the most experienced teams in the business.